1. i have wanted to simplify my closet with un-fancy forever, but i just haven't done it. my sister did and she says it's seriously life changing and makes getting dressed each day so much easier. i love your top, and i have those shoes in brown and gold and they were my summer staple! such a cute look.

    • It is seriously the best thing! Looking at a bunch of clothes that I didn't even want to wear every day was giving me stress, and now I feel so much better about my closet. The shoes are the best! I wear them all the time. Thank you, Amy!

  2. Super cute outfit! And I just stumbled across Unfancy a few months ago and cleaned out my closet too! And then I stumbled across The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and cleaned out even more! I'm learning to LOVE neutrals! And those sandals are super cute!

    • Thank you, Emma! It was a little hard to get rid of things, but I just had to embrace that I only wear neutrals and comfortable clothes! I am loving it too!

  3. Yay Tori!! You're so cute, and that top is literally made for you. I love neutrals and color blocking. And those sandals ….. I probably need some. And that unfancy blog, I've literally poured over the whole thing haha! I'm just not brave enough to get rid of all my stuff aka I'm not a person that can throw stuff away haha! So it sits in boxes….. You should come take care of that with me 😉 haha!

    • Thank you, Steph!! The sandals are from Payless and they are the best. I don't know that I would help very much since you're so cute in everything! I gravitate towards neutrals and flats, so it was easy to get of everything that wasn't that. haha

  4. i really really love this! i get a little caught up in trying to copy the inspiration outfit as closely as possible instead of just wearing something that's a little more me.

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