The Scream 2015

This was my attempt at Clark Kent and Superman. Dallas has NEVER dressed up for The Scream because he’s always working. He was working last night, but I new that if I made him a Superman cape he would totally wear it…or I would make him. I made his cape 2 hours before it started…Crazy? Probably. It was my first … Continue reading “The Scream 2015”


On Sunday during church, the teacher read this quote: “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday.” Now, even though it would take a heck of a long time to thank Heavenly Father for everything that I am grateful for every day, it is important to remember the things that I have throughout … Continue reading “Grati-Tuesday”


Yeah. I just did that. No, it shouldn’t become a regular occurrence, but here’s the thing – My senior-itus has senior-itus. If you look up the definition on Google (Yes. It’s real.) the definition is spot on. But I’m no quitter, so here is my Grati…Thursday. Whatever. 🙂 I really wanted to write this post this week because I have … Continue reading “Grati…Thursday”


With the new graphic design job, school, and other projects, Tori’s been pretty busy, and today you get to hear from me. My name is Dallas, and I am Tori’s husband. This year has been full of the kinds of learning experiences that are uncomfortable at best and downright painful at their worst: changes at work, changes at school, learning … Continue reading “Grati-Tuesday”


This picture was taken yesterday when I was hurrying to take landscape pictures for my Photography class, before we got washed out by the rain. While we were driving up the canyon, Dallas was telling me to look out for where I wanted to take my last pictures. When you get up to the very tops of the mountains around … Continue reading “Grati-Tuesday”

Union St. Tee V-Neck

    Fabric: Cotton knit from Joann  I am so excited to be a part of Selfish Sewing Week! When I was looking through all of the fabulous patterns on Indiesew, I had to make a list because they were all so good!  I decided to go with the Union St. Tee by Hey June because you can do so … Continue reading “Union St. Tee V-Neck”