1. I just love grati-Tuesday! Today I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with so much family over the course of the upcoming holiday weekend. We are so blessed to live by both of our parents and all of our grandparents, and I love that we can see all of them for the holidays. It is such a unique and incredible blessing that my children are able to know and love four great-grandmas and three great-grandpas as well as both sets of grandparents! I only ever knew one of my great-grandmas, and I know some people aren't even that lucky.

    • It is unique and incredible blessing that your children get to live so close to all of your family. I bet it's so much fun! And you're lucky not to have to travel all over the state, or even the country to see them. I hope you guys have a fun holiday! I love reading what you are grateful for, Sky. πŸ™‚

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