21 Weeks & Grateful

Two weeks ago we had our 18-20 weeks ultrasound, and we asked the technician to write the gender in an envelope. That weekend at our gender reveal party, my sisters went in their room and opened it and filled 2 black balloons with blue or pink, and we popped them to find out the gender! (Here’s the video – complete with … Continue reading “21 Weeks & Grateful”


This week’s Grati-Tuesday prompt is: What technology are you grateful for? This question comes at a good time for our little family, because- since baby is on the way- we have decided to upgrade before all our money is spent on baby food and diapers (exaggerating a little). Last week we finally joined this century and got smart phones!! Our … Continue reading “Grati-Tuesday”

California Dreamin’ 2016

  + Words cannot express how much we love Long Beach, California. We will live there one day. Long Beach is such a nice area with tons of shopping, seriously amazing food, and the beach! The people there are also so friendly, and we always feel so at home there. We stayed right across the street from Alamitos Bay (which … Continue reading “California Dreamin’ 2016”


It’s back ya’ll! I stopped doing Grati-Tuesday a couple of months ago because I felt like it was getting old, and I wanted to figure out a way to make it more interactive or present it differently. While I was scrolling though Pinterest, I found this post from Text My Journal (which is a really cool idea actually!). The post … Continue reading “Grati-Tuesday”