1. Today, I am grateful for the challenge of having three children. Although I have only been doing it for just over two days now, it is so hard to balance everyone's needs right now and help everyone feel loved and important, but I am so grateful for three healthy, beautiful children to love and care for. They are such a blessing to me and help me grow in a way that nothing else could.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm so tired!!
    Probably NOT as tired as Skyler though. Children are the BEST reason to be tired. Penny advise: find a way to take…make a few minutes for yourself each day. Even if it's just for a short nap 🙂
    I've finally been getting some much needed work done in our yard this week…a little every morning. And, Lizzy and I just painted two bedrooms in two days…swapped the furniture in the rooms…Lizzy also painted some of her furniture today…other contents from the bedrooms are lining my hall and living room. Need one more coat of paint in one closet…paint a dresser…put bunk bed back together…put everything back in rooms…etc, etc. Glad we're doing this Before school/work starts! It's been fun working on this with Lizzy and we take lunch breaks watching the Olympics. She loves to watch the volleyball 🙂 I sure love her, she's wonderful!
    Veronica Frame

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