Hi! I’m Tori, and my cute husband is Dallas. We both love the beach, ice cream on top of freshly baked cookies, hiking, and road trip jam sessions. We also eat Mexican and Greek food like it’s going out of style.

We have a son, Braden, who was born in December 2016, and he is the sweetest little boy who naps really well and plays very independently most of the time so that Mommy can sew. 🙂

My love for clothes started to develop at the beginning of high school, but got a little out of control once I got a job in retail the summer I graduated high school. It took me a [long] while to realize that I never really wore anything in my closet (about 200 shirts, give or take), and I was more of a basics and comfort kind of girl.

I have always wanted to learn how to sew. My grandma is an amazing seamstress and make can make anything. I was always so amazed at the things she would make, but when I was younger, sewing dolls, pillow cases, and quilts didn’t really interest me.

Once while Dallas and I were dating, he MADE me a dress! Ya know, just because he wanted to and he had a sewing machine for when he had to mend his clothes. He really did make dress for me, and even though it was too small because I didn’t tell him the right size, it completely blew my mind that he could just make a dress by following the instructions!

I gradually eased myself into sewing smaller things, but finally made my first dress in the summer of 2015. I have learned so much and gained a lot more momentum since then, and I love sewing much more than I thought I ever would! Over the past couple of years, I have cleaned out my closet and have tried really hard to stick to clothes that are basic/simple and that I know I will wear. I also LOVE sewing dresses, and although I don’t wear them quite as often, I hope someday I wear one every day!

Dallas and I are very much “doers” and since we are involved in many different things, we have named this The Doing Things Blog! To stay up to date on recent posts, sewing inspiration, and sneak peeks, make sure you sign up for the newsletter that I send out on the 1st of every month!