2020 Birthday Outfit: Panama Tee + Wrap Skirt

This isn’t quite the 30th birthday that I had in mind, but we’re all having different kinds of birthday celebrations this year, aren’t we? I did still get around to making a birthday outfit and I’m really excited to share it! This is my all time favorite t-shirt pattern, the Panama Tee, and New Look… Continue reading 2020 Birthday Outfit: Panama Tee + Wrap Skirt

Envelope Dress (Nursing Friendly)

This Cris Wood Sews Envelope Dress (zero waste pattern!) didn’t fit very well at 35 weeks pregnant, but it’s perfect now — nursing zipper and all! I used a 14″ zipper, but it definitely didn’t need to be that long for the front center seam (10″ would probably work fine). I just sewed the zipper… Continue reading Envelope Dress (Nursing Friendly)

Esme Cardigan

I’ve worn this cardigan a TON ever since I finished it, so it’s safe to say I love it. This fabric has been begging me all winter to be made into theĀ Esme Cardigan by Named (currently being edited by Named, I’ll try linking again once it’s released again), and it finally happened! I had to… Continue reading Esme Cardigan

Sewing Maternity Style

I finished sewing a few tees last December, and at around 15 weeks pregnant, I realized I was going to need some more comfortable pants to get me through since me and maternity jeans don’t really get along. I already had a two pairs of Hudsons (black and grey), but I really wanted an olive… Continue reading Sewing Maternity Style