1. Juss

    Wow, nice skirt! 👍🏽 What fabric is that exactly???…some type of suiting fabric? I’d really appreciate your answer 😊

    • Tori

      Hi Juss! I used a fabric from the suiting isle at JoAnn. I don’t remember what the fiber content was, but it’s sort of a silky, mid-weight, and it feels like polyester. I hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Anna

    From my waist to my ankle is 40 inches so I’m with you in not being able to buy skirts and have them the right length. I also have trouble with premade things not making it over my hips (I’ve had 2 kids) so for the last 2 years I’ve been stuck in super stretchy things and they still don’t fit right. I love that you did a way to make this work Thank you so much. You have saved me from never being able to wear a skirt or dress again

    • Tori

      That makes me SO happy Anna and it’s what I LOVE to hear!! I hope you can make a few skirts for yourself that you can feel good in! I plan on making another skirt this summer with an elastic waistband and I think that will be really comfortable too.

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