1. Linda

    Thanks for writing this fantastic post! It’s extra helpful to me since my measurements are similar to yours. 😊

    How did you finish the leg seam? I’m worried about the seam rubbing my thighs when running. My RTW leggings have no seam there. (I run maximum 15K, maybe rubbing won’t be a problem?)

    • Tori

      I’m glad you found it helpful, Linda! I used a zigzag stitch where it says to in the pattern and finished all of the seams with my serger. I ran a little over 5K in these and I didn’t feel any rubbing at all. On my size large Averys, they barely moved (if at all) while I ran, so maybe just make sure they aren’t too loose if you go for a long run.

    • Tori

      Thank you, Sarah! Having a running trail on the beach 5 minutes from my house is just the motivation I needed to start running again! 😉

  2. Jamie Cotterell

    I struggle with leggings because anything too tight makes me sick for the day. I usually buy xl and then spend my run hiking them up, lol. You look fantastic in all three pairs. Love and miss you!!!

    • Tori

      I’m totally the same, Jamie! You should definitely just size up and make a smaller elastic for the top! They really won’t fall down and you will be much more comfortable. Love and miss you too!!

  3. Thank you so much for this review, Tori! I am not a runner, myself, but more of a yoga nut. I’m really glad to hear that these stayed up and didn’t give you any chaffing for a 5k run! The prints you chose are fantastic and I the photos are great, too! Thank you!

    • Tori

      Anytime, Helen! I knew there were a few people who wanted to know how well they stayed up while running, so it was a fun experiment! I love how they all turned out and I’m excited to make a few more for just wearing around the house. Way to go making an awesome pattern!

  4. leslie quinn

    These look great and I love the fabrics. On fabric.com it says 10% 4 way stretch…but it’s ok for the averys? Thanks!

    • Tori

      Hi Leslie! I have a stretch percentage paper that I printed out from a pattern that I have, and I personally tested the Olympus fabric and it has 70-80% stretch. I don’t know why it has 10% in the description, but I can promise that it’s much more than that. It was PERFECT stretch for the Averys. 🙂

  5. Erin

    Tori, these are wonderful! I have struggled to find activewear material that are worth it both in quality and fun prints, so I have been on the fence about making leggings for lifting in. It is actually the first thing that I thought about kicking off this Me Made May as I headed to the gym sans me-made items. I have really only made Pegs so far (in lounge-y DBP), but the Avery’s look great. I think I am off the fence 🙂 PS Sorry about your face!!

    • Tori

      Thank you, Erin! This fabric really works great for when I work out, so I think it will work well for you too. I’m glad I could help get you off of the fence! 😉

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