1. I’ve made a few Stellan tees (love – French Navy just nails effortless style) and I have yet to try the neckline reinforcement. I took one look and thought nope, haha. This tee is lovely too! I’m so glad your accidental adjustment worked! Man, fitting the torso is weird.

    • Tori

      I love French Navy patterns so much! I dig the effortless style too! This pattern is just as good as her others. The neckline reinforcement does take some practice, but you can’t suck at it forever if you keep trying! 😉

    • Tori

      Thank you, Emily! I didn’t even have a long enough piece for the neckband on the black one, so it’s two pieces sewn together – but I didn’t care because I desperately wanted to use that fabric. I was so happy I was able to make it work!

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