• Tori

      Thank you, Sky! I wore it with sandals the other day and it was just as cute, so it’s pretty easy to dress down for a regular day too!

  1. Oh I absolutely love this! I have the pattern but I’ve only made the pants so far. Now I’m inspired to tackle the top 🙂 Thanks for the lead on the piping, btw. I know HOW to make it, but after doing it once before, the idea of making more does not excite me. I actually skipped the piping on my pants, so they are very plain 🙁 Now I am going to order the piping and spend that time elsewhere. So glad you mentioned it!

    • Tori

      Thank you, Catherine! Anything to make sewing easier, I am all for! I think the shop I ordered from is taking a break, but there are other stores online that sell it. Piping is just a whole huge step that made me not want to do it if I had to do it myself. I have also seen others use rickrack or bias tape just as a trim without the rope on the inside, and it turns out really cute too!

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