1. Long sleeve for sure! But it’s also been in the forties a couple days this week and flutter anything just makes me think about drafts. Your Magnolia is beautiful, and the fabric is dramatic, and yet it still looks like a dress you could wear to a friend’s house! You really split the difference perfectly!

    • Tori

      Thank you, Lia! I haven’t tried flutter sleeves before, but they’re not really me, so I love these long sleeves. And I love that about the fabric too!

  2. Ansa

    Do you think this pattern would work with a velvet jersey? I see it calls for woven… I just have a fabric in mind that would be so lovely in that design!

    • Tori

      That sounds so pretty! If it’s a jersey you are using, I would size down 1 or 2 sizes and make sure you stabilize the neckline with some clear elastic or something. Maybe baste the pieces together (with a zigzag stitch) before sewing them permanently in case you decide you want a tighter or looser fit. I hope that helps!

  3. Pennie

    You’ve made it beautifully and your descriptions are really helpful. Could you say a bit more about the binding? Did though make bias tape from your fabric? You can’t see it! I don’t want to have an obvious binding o. The front bodice. If the bodice is self lined is the binding necessary do you think?

    • Tori

      Hi Pennie! For my dress the bodice neckline does have a self binding that I made myself with the fabric. It is a pattern piece included with the pattern and instructions. They also have instructions on how to line it! So if you choose to line the bodice, then a binding usually isn’t necessary. And my fabric just hides the stitching really well. If you go to my Instagram, I have a flatlay and you can see the binding on the back of the neckline. Here is the link right to the picture. 🙂

      • Pennie Blackburn

        Many Thanks for your message, thats very helpful. I’m not sure if they have updated the pattern but there’s no pattern piece for the binding and only lining for the front bodice on version A, but perhaps that is sufficient. I hadnt realised it’s a blind bias binding so, I’m not so worried about that now. Am making and remaking toiles at the moment! 🙂

        • Tori

          I actually just checked and it’s in the “supplies” section — it says 60 inches of bias tape. So I just opted to make my own, but I’m sorry to misguide you with saying there was a pattern piece! There are only facings for the front bodice pieces, but it shouldn’t be too hard to just cut a second back piece for the lining, if you need it. I hope your toile goes well! I toiled before making mine too to see if I needed to lower the bust at all and I was very glad I did (since I almost never do!).

  4. Cara

    I love this dress! Hoping to make one for a wedding I am going to! Really helpful tips! I am thinking doing the neckline like yours but maybe the short sleeve.
    Is your height in your torso? I am 5ft7 but mainly have my height in my top so wondering about adding an inch! Sounds like doing a toile is essential x

    • Tori

      Thank you, Cara! This dress is absolutely perfect for a wedding, and the short sleeve would be beautiful! I’m 5’11, and my height is distributed pretty evenly. I ended up doing a toile for the top bodice pieces before I cut the actual fabric and it was SUPER easy. (This coming from someone who hates doing a toile.) Toile fabric at Joann’s is like 1.99 a yard and sometimes it’s SUPER wide, so it’s definitely worth getting some for projects like this. To estimate how much length to add to the bodice, I just draped the pattern piece up to me and guessed how much to add before making the toile. I might have made a tiny adjustment after that, but the toile was really the key to getting the final project perfect. Good luck and I hope it turns out just the way you want it!

  5. Sandra

    Hello Tori, thanks for sharing pictures and helpful tips. I bought the Magnolia today and I’m planning to make a maxi dress with long sleeves and bodice B which is the modest one. I got rayon challis and I know it’s going to be hard to work with ( I will be looking for rayon poplin like you suggested for my next one). I read the tutorial and couldn’t find what is the final measure for the long sleeves. I’m pretty short compared to you ( I’m only 5’3″) and only need to adjust the length of the skirt since my torso is very standard with the pattern.
    I don’t really want to make a muslin for the sleeves also. I will be making one for the bodice since I probably need a FBA ( I’m pretty blessed in that department).
    Anyways, Thanks in advance for any advise you could give me. Your Magnolia is very pretty.

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